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Thank you for bringing this matter into our attention. We -site administrators- are also shocked and appalled by this incident and share utter disappointment and aversion many of our customers must have felt.

For your information, our chief producer and chief management…

I think they should count themselves incredibly lucky that Dave Crook’s response to their theft has been so calm and affable. No one would have blamed him for wanting to seek more than just a mutual agreement regarding compensation after what they’ve done. 

As it stands this is probably the best clarification of the situation Fairyland could have provided, and hopefully a resolution which doesn’t leave the two artists involved out of pocket or lacking in sufficient compensation for their work/the fact that FL plagarized their designs can be reached. 

I hope that those who really wanted the sets involved (who include a friend of mine) will also be able to purchase them if things can be resolved properly. 

"Attention all those that are anti-recast! Fairyland has just been found out to have stolen the designs for their steampunk weapons on the new Feeples. There’s absolutely no denying that they copied the original designs. Dave Crook is the artist for the sword, made in 2013. The gun is at least over 2 years old. Now back to your regularly scheduled defense of them against art theives. Oh wait."

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Yes, let’s go defend them! Oh! Wait! None of us has expressed anything but disappointment and disgust.

The pro-recast side is the ones revelling in the news thinking it justifies all their bootlegs.

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To make my own stance clear, I think Fairyland as a company are doing themselves no favors whatsoever given their recent track record. Stealing anyone else’s work is wrong regardless of who the culprit is. I don’t buy directly from company, but if I did I wouldn’t support them until they can make amends, and prove they can be trusted/will deliver products of the standard their prices dictate. 

However, two wrongs do not make a right. Using this example of idiocy, and art theft as a justification to commit yet more art theft just continues the cycle of bad decisions. 

I hope Fairyland will give credit where credit is due, produce a sincere formal apology, and compensate the artists whose work they’ve stolen as soon as possible. It won’t be enough for a lot of people, but at least it’d be a start. 

"Wow Fairyland. Way to be hypocrites. Art theft it totally wrong except when you do it, right?"

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I am actually really disappointed that they did this, though it is still not an excuse to get recasts of their dolls as I am sure recast people will say.

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I am actually really disappointed that FL has done this too, however it is fucked up to think that this makes recasting okay. If you want to choose to no longer support the company after this, then that is fully fair enough. I should imagine a few people are probably going to make that decision. However buying recasts because FL stole some weapon designs just makes you a hypocrite. I am already seeing people using it as an excuse.

It is like I don’t support art theft from FL, but still want their dolls so i am going to buy their dolls from another art thief! The recasters will use that money to rip off other companies and artists any way. Plus two wrongs really don’t make a right. So yes, this is no excuse to buy a recast. 

I have already seen people saying anyone who buys that doll is the same as someone who bought a recast (pro-recast people though). I am going to point out that it is shitty to do, because plenty of people bought that doll before this all came out. They can not cancel their orders and get their money back. It is not their fault if they did not know, so no they are not the same at all. So anyone who thinks this can fuck off there.

Or rather go and fuck yourself. I will point out that this rant is not fully aimed at the OP but rather about what I have seen people say on the FL subject so far. It was beyond stupid for FL to steal those designs, but it does not give you and excuse to also steal. 

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{ Kitty Off-shot } ~ Just one more shot from taking pics to show the new kitty ear design („◕ ⋏ ◕„)

{ Kitty } ~ Just finished some beaded cerise kitty ears. They’ll be for sale since I don’t own any pastel/kawaii dolls right now. I love doing bead work („◕ ⋏ ◕„)

O.O Someone on Ebay just had the nerve to make an offer for my Angel of Dream Jimi version 2 head (with face up, and eyes, and I think it’s discontinued on their site?) which was 25.00GBP beneath the asking price!

It’s worth about 40.00GBP new without face up. I’m asking 45.00GBP including shipping since the face up is worth 15.00 and the eyes a few quid too. (I’d consider an offer of 35.00-40.00). 

20.00GBP including shipping for an SD head with face up/eyes in excellent condition? I laughed so hard. I know the head is an acquired taste, but there’s a line between haggling, and taking the piss. 

Declined, of course! I’m hoping to trade or sell it at the local meet on Saturday anyway. 

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Busy busy, a dread makers washing line XD

It looks like a really pretty willow tree <3 

alchemistsfire Asked:
I just saw your post about getting a flickr recently, and went and checked your photostream out. I noticed you only have 3 very general tags on most of your photos, so it's likely your photos are getting lost among the thousands of others tagged "BJD". I suggest that you add tags for the company, sculpt, size, resin colour, body style (some have more than one option), the doll/character's gender, and things like fantasy parts or special ears (like "elf", "centaur", etc) Hopefully that'll help!

My answer:

I’ll probably add a few more then, since i’m not taking loads of photos each week. I don’t want to overdo it though, so I’ll stick to company/sculpt/size and special features if they have any. Thanks for the tip. 

addictedtotheunderground ~ Thank you :) They took about an hour for each ear. I love beading, so it was pleasant work. 

scifitentacles ~ I can’t really get a decent shot, but here’s one. 

{ Rabbit } ~ I just finished a pair of beaded rabbit ears. They’re all white with rainbow frosted glass beads, white pearls, and opaque African white beads. Due to their weight they don’t stand up easily, but they are good for lop earred bunnies U=・ x ・=U